fxlion 48V skypower

The film indrustry has higher demands on quality and mobility of professional lighting gear than ever.Since 1997 FXLION has found many answers to the major demands in the industry. All the new high power LED lights have found their way to the filmsets worldwide. Here again, FXLION has brought the right innovations at the right moment.

With the Skypower the mobility of the most important lights for film is guaranteed. With the FXLION Skypower the Arri Skypanel, Dedolight Ledrama, Zylight or Aladdin Bi-Flex 4 can be used in a way they were made for. Quality and quantity have never been this close together. The Skypower also charges and discharges batteries, making it the perfect allrounder.
The FXLION 26V batteries are designed for professional applications. Too often small 14.8V batteries are used in wrong situations. This can threaten your production and also destroys your batteries. For example an Aladdin Bi-Flex 2 or 4 should be used with 26V batteries. But also cameras such as the ARRI Alexa benefit from the 26V battery. The eye-catching orange was selected to make sure nobody mixes up the batteries.
If you are not sure which battery suits your light best you can find the answer on the new FXLION website. There is a complete list of the most common lights in the industry and the right battery for each one. It also includes the lasting time. Find more on:http://www.fxlion.net/which-light-are-you-using/